“There is a proposal to launch taxi helicopters,” – passenger air transportation between populated areas may appear in the Leningrad region

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And also “Swallows” and high-speed trams

The Leningrad Region plans to develop passenger air transportation within the region, Governor of the Leningrad Region Alexander Drozdenko said at the Russia exhibition. According to him, the development of small aviation is planned as an alternative to bus service, but ticket prices must be affordable, otherwise people simply will not use this type of transport. Drozdenko also recalled that previously it was possible to fly on a “kukuruznik”, for example, from Rzhevka to Tikhvin or Podporozhye, but now there is no such possibility.

«Есть предложение запустить вертолёты-такси», — в Ленобласти могут появиться пассажирские авиаперевозки между населёнными пунктами

We signed an agreement to build small aircraft. The Leningrad region is large – the size of Hungary or Austria, and, of course, we need small aircraft. The only problem is that it is accessible. Today we have proposals to launch helicopter taxis, but when a ticket costs from 5 thousand rubles, residents will not use this transport; they would rather go to the bus. Now we believe that prices should be acceptable.

Alexander Drozdenko

In addition, the governor of the Leningrad region said that in the region, together with Russian Railways, it is planned to develop Lastochka trains, and in large agglomerations – Murino and the Vsevolozhsk region – high-speed trams or a high-speed short train will be launched. In 2024, the region will begin transport reform, which will improve bus transportation between settlements.

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