One of the worst games in 2K history has arrived on Game Pass

by alex

Take-Two is not only Grand Theft Auto, but also many licensed sports games. The quality isn't always good, but now you can experience NBA 2K24 with an Xbox Game Pass subscription

Xbox Game Pass gives subscribers access to a rich catalog of games. Sometimes Microsoft manages to attract highly rated products, and sometimes subscribers are surprised by very dubious projects.

The infamous NBA 2K24 was recently added to Xbox Game Pass. On PC, this series of games was previously “famous” for not having the best quality, but this release pissed off even a very patient audience. As a result, the game ended up in the list of the 10 worst projects in the history of Steam.

Judging by the available data, NBA 2K24 is also one of the worst games that 2K (owned by Take-Two Interactive) published ).

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You can now try NBA 2K24 basketball simulator through your Xbox Game Pass subscription.

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