There are 13 million SUVs and crossovers in Russia. “Chinese” are the least of them – only 1 million

by alex

And the most numerous models are Japanese

«Autostat» counted the number of SUV class cars (this includes crossovers and SUVs) in Russia. It turned out that 13 million such cars were registered, which is 28% of the entire fleet. The most interesting thing: despite the total dominance of the Chinese, their share in the total number of SUV cars is small — total 1.08 million units.

In first place in the segment — Japanese cars: there are 4.56 million units, which corresponds to a share of 35%. In second place are Korean and domestic cars — 1.85 and 1.84 million respectively.

Brought by analysts and top 5 models. The most popular car in the SUV segment in Russia is the Niva. VAZ-2121 (three-door): as of January 1, 2024, there were 980 thousand of these cars in Russia. This is followed by Chevrolet Niva (640 thousand units), Toyota RAV4 (520 thousand units), Renault Duster (500 thousand units) and Nissan X-Trail (370 thousand units).

Chery invented a new business model: “more orders - lower price.” Due to this, the yet unreleased hybrid crossover Chery Amulet T9 fell in price by $700

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