So that laptops of a completely new category would not cost from $1000, but only $600-800. Qualcomm is preparing a budget SoC Snapdragon X

by alex

By the end of the year

Laptops based on the Snapdragon X SoC have already entered the market. We have already assessed what such platforms are capable of, but prices for laptops on the US market start at $1,000. But Qualcomm will make them cheaper. 

True, not just like that, but through the release of a new SoC. The company is reportedly preparing a new platform that will be designed for laptops priced at $600-800. 

This SoC is now hidden under the code name Canim. It is known that it will receive almost the same NPU unit (40 TOPS versus 45 TOPS) as the other models, since this is the minimum for PCs in the Copilot+ category. But the CPU and GPU may well be cut down. We have previously heard about a possible SoC with an eight-core processor, so this could be it. 

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Performance will suffer, of course, but should remain on par with other laptops in this price range.  

The new SoC is expected to arrive in the fourth quarter.  

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