No one is interested in Radeon video cards in laptops? At CES 2024 there was not a single such new model

by alex

And the old ones switched to GeForce

The current generation of AMD video cards cannot compete with the GeForce RTX 40 in terms of variety, and in the mobile segment the situation is worse than in the desktop segment. And as it turned out, not a single laptop with Radeon RX 7000M was shown at CES 2024. 

Moreover, models that were released only with such 3D cards in 2023 were present at the exhibition with RTX 40 adapters. It is unknown what caused this situation. AMD has been significantly inferior to its competitor in the mobile video card market for a very long time, but this situation has never happened before.  

But Radeon 7000M mobile adapters began to actively appear in mini-PCs from various companies and in the form of external video cards — much more active than in the case of the previous generation. 

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