That is, you can even connect a GeForce RTX 4090 to Raspberry Pi 5? An enthusiast connected a discrete video card to a single-board PC

by alex

So far only Radeon RX 460

You can connect a full desktop discrete graphics card to a Raspberry Pi 5 single board computer for $60.

То есть к Raspberry Pi 5 можно подключить даже GeForce RTX 4090? Энтузиаст подключил к одноплатному ПК дискретную видеокарту

This is exactly what channel author Jeff Geerling implemented by connecting a Radeon RX 460 adapter to his Pi 5. And it all worked. True, achieving this is not so easy.

Of course, the Raspberry Pi 5 itself does not have a PCIe slot, and indeed there are no classic slots at all. But since this is a Raspberry Pi, its capabilities can be expanded with various modules, adapters, and other things.

To connect the video card, the author of the project used the uPCity module, which is not yet commercially available, but will appear in time. In addition, of course, the card needed to implement additional power.

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It’s difficult to say whether someone needs such a solution for practical purposes, since the Raspberry Pi 5 was created for experiments, but the ability to connect a discrete video card in itself is already a big plus.

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