The release of The Last of Us Part II remaster will be a good incentive for Bella Ramsay to finally get acquainted with the game

by alex

Actress Bella Ramsay recalled that before working on the first season of The Last of Us, she did not have the opportunity to get acquainted with the Naughty Dog game, and it seems that she still has not become acquainted with The Last of Us Part II.

During a recent interview, Ramsay was asked if she would be open to playing in The Last of Us Part II Remastered, to which the actress confirmed that the updated release could be a good chance to get to know the game.

Perhaps this is just a promise and the girl will never get to play the game on which the series is being filmed, which made her truly popular.

Let us remember that Ramsey starred in the series The Last of Us, the first season of which started at the beginning of the year. Previously, viewers praised her work in “Game of Thrones” and “The Worst Witch.”

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The casting of Ellie caused quite a stir. There were plenty of opinions that HBO should drop the actress after the first season of the series.

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