“Beautiful, impressive and good.” UAC showed the first flight of the restored Il-96-400T – the flagship of Russian transport aviation

by alex

The airliner is operated by Sky Gates Airlines – this is the cargo subsidiary of Red Wings

Yesterday, the United Aircraft Corporation announced the return to service of the flagship of Russian transport aviation, the Il-96-400T — The airliner made its first commercial flight. And today UAC published a video in which it showed the plane.

«I had flown on large planes before. It moves about the same as all large aircraft. Beautiful, impressive and good», — said the commander of the Il-96-400T Alexey Nagornov.

«Il-96 aircraft, wide-body. Today we have a unique opportunity to operate these aircraft. And we hope and see it to be quite effective. Today is only the first flight. In fact, if you look at the flight map, the plane is scheduled for the near future, and it is clear that it is in demand», — Evgeny Solodilin, CEO of Red Wings Airlines, commented on the first flight of the Il-96-400T.

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Recall, IL-96-400T — This is a cargo version of the wide-body Il-96. Maximum payload weight — 92 tons, while the flight range reaches 5 thousand km.

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