The newest passenger aircraft MC-21 with Russian PD-14 engines performed an automatic landing for the first time

by alex

One of about a hundred flights within the program of testing a complex of automatic landing systems

The Russian passenger airliner MS-21, equipped with domestic PD-14 engines, for the first time performed an automatic landing under ICAO category IIIA (landing is allowed with a runway visual range of at least 200 meters and a decision altitude of less than 30 meters).

The flight was carried out on MS-21-310 with tail number 73051. This airliner was released in 2017, the first flight was carried out on May 28, 2017.

«The software algorithms and hardware information and computing complex of the control system that ensure the automatic landing of the MC-21 were originally developed in Russia. The first flight under this program was carried out in December 2023 on an aircraft with an imported power plant», — told UAC. 

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