Kandinsky will help you draw your own splash screen for SberBank Online

by alex

You can create up to five screensavers; when you enter the application, they will alternate

As we already wrote, the SberBank team presented a new version of its proprietary neural network – Kandinsky 3.0. It also works in the SberBank Online mobile application for the Android operating system: in the latest version of the application, it is possible to generate your own login screensavers using Kandinsky. This was announced at the international conference “Journey into the World of Artificial Intelligence” (AI Journey).

You can draw up to five screensavers; they will alternate each time you enter the application. According to the developers, each screensaver will be unique, since the neural network generations are never repeated. Creating an image takes from a few seconds to a couple of minutes; the user only needs to come up with a text description of what he wants to see in the picture. The more detailed the request, the more accurate and high-quality the final image will be, note the creators of the neural network.

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The screensaver generation service is available on the main screen by clicking on “•••” – “Screensavers from Kandinsky” (or by the word “Screensavers” in the search bar). To use it, you need to update the mobile application on devices running Android OS to version 14.18 and higher.

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