Several thousand cars hit Russia and will have to be recalled

by alex

All because of the “SOS buttons”

Rosstandart reported the import into Russia of several thousand cars that have received vehicle type approval (VTA), but have violations regarding the installation of in-vehicle emergency call devices (UVEOS) or “SOS buttons.” They do not automatically go off in the event of an accident. Now there are plans to recall these several thousand cars.

“Rosstandart, as a state control body, regularly checks information received from various sources about the non-compliance of vehicles with technical regulations. If such information is confirmed, the representative of the vehicle manufacturer or the importer is obliged to develop and coordinate with Rosstandart a program of measures to prevent harm and organize a recall campaign,” noted Deputy Head of Rosstandart Alexander Kuzmin.

В Россию попали несколько тысяч машин, которые придётся отозвать

“Auto News of the Day” writes that manufacturers or their representatives in the Russian Federation have already begun to develop recall programs, within the framework of which they will eliminate these violations and equip cars with working buttons for calling emergency services. For car owners, all work will be carried out free of charge.

Huawei Aito M7 and Aito M8 are expected in Russia

It was previously reported that 10 million cars are already connected to ERA-GLONASS. The system is integrated with rescue services 112, which recorded about 350 thousand calls.

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