Google delays the launch of Gemini AI, a next-gen artificial intelligence model that should “outperform” ChatGPT

by alex

Another competitor to the currently most popular large language model, GPT-4, from OpenAI, should go live in January 2024.

Google first announced Gemini AI at I/O 2023, touting it as a next-generation AI model with “impressive multimodal capabilities.” The launch of the model was supposed to take place next week, however, according to The Information, the company has postponed it to January 2024.

Google is reportedly having problems with “queries in other languages” (i.e., non-English).

Gemini is designed to work with a wide range of programs, combining different types of data, such as images and text, for more complex tasks. In May, Google stated:

“After fine-tuning and extensive safety testing, Gemini will be available in a variety of sizes and capabilities.”

Gemini is also expected to improve on existing AI and advanced Google products such as the Bard chatbot, Google Assistant and Google Search, but given the model's advertising as OpenAI's main competitor (and Bard's previous launch when it made a mistake in an ad, which cost the company significant money), it is clear why Google is in no hurry.

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