World's first MagSafe external battery with built-in fan, transparent housing and backlight introduced

by alex

The fan rotates at 8000 rpm

Accessory maker Sharge showed off its Icemag 10,000mAh power bank during CES 2024, claiming it was the first mobile power source with its own cooling fan.

The virtually silent fan operates at 8,000 rpm to actively cool the internal battery pack while wirelessly charging your iPhone, preventing any components from heating up while charging.

Icemag supports Apple MagSafe, the device has a transparent case that allows you to see the internal electronics, namely the lithium-ion battery, circuit board and active cooling system.

The noise during fan operation does not exceed 25 dB. In addition, there is RGB lighting around the fan that changes color when charging the iPhone via MagSafe.

Представлен первый в мире внешний акккумулятор MagSafe со встроенным вентилятором, прозрачным корпусом и подсветкой

The maximum output power of Icemag wireless charging is 7.5W. Via USB-C, you can get 20W output power.

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