Toyota Land Cruiser 300 and Alphard stopped selling in Japan

by alex

There are so many orders that production can’t cope

Toyota is not able to satisfy the demand in the home market for the Aqua hybrid hatchback (aka Prius C), Land Cruiser SUVs and Alphard minivan: there is not enough capacity to produce enough cars to cover all previously placed orders . According to Nikkei, production lags behind orders by a million vehicles. Therefore, sales of the most popular cars have stopped.

The problem is actually not new, and Toyota itself is partly to blame. Firstly, the company actively collected orders during the Covid restrictions, when some production sites were idle and during a shortage of semiconductors. Another reason for this situation is the change in the sales pattern of Toyota cars in Japan: if previously certain models were dealt with by certain dealers, now any model can be ordered from any seller. This naturally spurred demand.

In Russia, not only car prices have increased, but also the salaries of sellers

Currently, the waiting period for the popular Toyota car in Japan is five months.

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