To avoid being caught red-handed: a “panic button” has appeared in the gaming browser Opera

by alex

Stop playback, mute sound and open “safe” window

Opera Software has announced a fresh update for its proprietary gaming browser Opera GX. The Panic Button (panic, or alarm, button) has become available in the browser, which acts as an «indispensable protection» from curious observers and unexpected visitors. 

Developers explained:

The next time your boss suddenly returns early from lunch while you're deep in the League of Legends tournament, you can quickly press the F12 key and the panic button will activate. Panic Button quickly mutes and pauses playback on all tabs, and automatically opens a new window with a completely »safe» content, keeping all your secrets safe. To return all tabs to their previous state, you just need to press the F12 button again. 

Panic Button is offered with a list of websites that you can select as «safe» pages such as YouTube, Twitch or Wikipedia. The user can also choose his own «safe» pages, for example, a tractor lovers club, a site with cats, or even with supply data. 

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To use Panic Button, GX users must first enable the Early Bird option in their browser settings.

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