The world's only Lamborghini Diablo SV roadster is up for sale

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Price not yet announced

A closed auction is scheduled for December 13 from the RM Sotheby's auction house, where the only Lamborghini Diablo SV roadster will be exhibited. This car will be a unique collector's item as it is the only Super Veloce roadster spec car other than a factory prototype.

Единственный в мире родстер Lamborghini Diablo SV выставили на продажу

The world's only Lamborghini from the movie "The Wolf of Wall Street" put up for auction – in broken condition

The Italian manufacturer planned to release an open version of the Diablo SV in 1998, using the removable roof technology from the production Diablo VT model. This roadster received a 530-horsepower V12 engine, rear-wheel drive, stronger brakes and modified aerodynamics.

Although the first prototype was presented at the Geneva Motor Show in 1998, the project was shelved due to the company's period of transformation under the control of Audi. However, Lamborghini built one example of the roadster at the request of an Italian dealer who approached the brand's management.

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During the construction of the roadster, some improvements were made compared to the prototype, including modifications to the tail, a rear wing and a body lift system on the front axle. The car has a fully documented history, original condition and a relatively low mileage of 42.8 thousand kilometers.

Единственный в мире родстер Lamborghini Diablo SV выставили на продажу

In the spring, another Lamborghini Diablo was put up for sale on, but the one at that time was in the more common VT specification and was valued at 35 million rubles.  

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