Geely will modify Coolray, Monjaro and Tugella at the request of the Russians. What will change?

by alex

But the Belgee X50 will not receive a new feature, demanded by many owners of Geely crossovers

Important news for Russian owners of Geely crossovers: as reports with reference to Autoreview, the Coolray, Monjaro and Tugella media systems will soon support Apple CarPlay and Android Auto interfaces. The owners of the Chinese company's cars have been asking for this for a long time, and now Geely is finally ready to implement the sought-after function.

Geely доработает Coolray, Monjaro и Tugella по просьбам россиян. Что изменится?

It is reported that Apple CarPlay and Android Auto will start working in commercial cars in a couple of weeks. The new Coolray was initially supposed to support these interfaces, but during testing of new functions problems arose that are now being fixed. After Coolray, Tugella and Monjaro will receive support for Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

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The innovation does not apply to the Belgee X50 crossover, also known as the first generation Coolray: here everything will depend on the Belarusian BelGee plant.

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