Honor has never had such popular smartphones before. Honor 100 and Honor 100 Pro set a record for the first day of sales among all new smartphones in the history of the brand

by alex

Demand for Honor 100 Pro has increased by 500% compared to its predecessor

Yesterday sales of the Honor 100 and Honor 100 Pro smartphones started in China, and this start turned out to be very powerful. The company itself announced that these two models set a first-day sales record among all Honor models ever released.

Настолько востребованных смартфонов у Honor ещё не было. Honor 100 и Honor 100 Pro установили рекорд первого дня продаж среди всех новых смартфонов в истории бренда

Honor 100 Pro is especially noted; demand for it has increased by 500% compared to its predecessor. These models received flicker-free screens, new platforms and improved cameras. The cost of the younger model in China is from $350, the older one is from $475.

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