That is, even the PlayStation 6 will not give us games in native 4K at 60 fps? The console will support path tracing, and at the same time Ray Tracing Reconstruction

by alex

Path tracing is very demanding

Despite the fact that the release of the PlayStation 6 is still quite far away, some information about this console is gradually appearing on the Internet. According to the latest information, the console will support Ray Tracing Reconstruction technology and effects based on path tracing.

То есть даже PlayStation 6 не подарит нам игры в родном 4K при 60 к/с? Консоль будет поддерживать трассировку пути, и заодно Ray Tracing Reconstruction

As a reminder, path tracing is actually a more resource-intensive and technologically advanced version of ray tracing, and Ray Tracing Reconstruction is a technology for improving the quality of ray tracing effects.

Sony itself recently said that path tracing will be used more and more in games and will eventually become the norm, just as regular ray tracing is now the norm. True, as we have already noted, path tracing is an even more resource-intensive technology, and consoles, as we know, are never super-efficient.

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To understand the essence, you can look at Cyberpunk 2077, which supports path tracing. If the RTX 4090 in 4K at maximum quality settings and with ray tracing effects without DLSS shows a result of only 36 fps, then with path tracing effects it is already only 20 fps, that is, a drop of 45%!

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