Disclosure. The player met himself in Starfield after beating the game 33 times in New Game+ mode

by alex

A man with a huge amount of free time, which he happily spends on his favorite game, shared an “amazing” story, in his words.

The main feature of the New Game+ mode in Starfield is that users do not start the game from scratch, but find themselves in an alternative and slightly modified universe where they can repeat their adventure.

A big fan of Starfield under the pseudonym Niko loved the project of Bethesda and Todd Howard so much that he played it 33 times, and during the 34th playthrough he met himself from the first universe, brought an artifact to the Constellation community, and was even able to talk with this version of his character, and then invite you to the team.

Niko noted that the “twin” from the first universe had the same characteristics as his hero in the first playthrough, as well as a detailed past that could be discussed.

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(news cover source: Steam user flo-12)

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