Baldur's Gate 3 player almost had a fight with his wife over his affair with Karlach

by alex

Commentators believe that the spouse should improve her self-esteem somewhere and stop being so insecure

One of the Reddit users told a story about how he almost had a fight with his wife because of an affair with Karlach in Baldur's Gate 3.

“My wife has never played an RPG but is having a great time in BG3. We share this hobby and it was really cool.

I've always played roleplaying games as a red-haired female character (I am a man), because my wife has such a physique and, as you can see, this is my weak point.

Anyway, I told her I was having an affair with Karlach and she didn't like it – she thought it was weird and didn't approve. I was a little upset about this because it's an RPG and I can theoretically make decisions that I wouldn't make in real life. I explained everything to her, but she is still trying to accept it.”.

Some commentators thought that the guy had certain problems in his relationship with his wife:

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“This is not a problem with the game. This is a problem in your relationship with your wife.” ~

“Perhaps she is jealous because she is insecure.”.

Later, the author updated the publication and said that he still managed to explain to his wife why he decided to have an affair with Karlach.

“As I said, she had never played role-playing games and did not understand that I was playing as a fictional character, and she was playing as herself (an elf-druid)[…] I was able to explain to her what we were playing fictional characters who will do things we wouldn't do in real life.”

(news cover source: Larian Studios)

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