The owner of a Lada Granta 2023 faced an unexpected problem: headlights disappeared from sale

by alex

The sellers said that the unnecessary headlight is “pure France”, and it can only be ordered in a roundabout way

The Chelyabinsk portal spoke about an unexpected problem that the owner of a Lada Granta faced. On a 2023 car, after an accident that occurred in November last year, it was necessary to change the bumper, radiator grille, headlights and some other elements. However, surprisingly, the headlights could not be found.

«We are waiting for headlights from "Lada Image". Unfortunately, the fact of delay is indeed present. The owner of Granta can write a complaint or claim against the plant itself», — They told the company «Saturn», which is engaged in repairs. «Lada image» — This is a subsidiary of AvtoVAZ, responsible for the supply of spare parts and warranty service for cars.

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Владелец Lada Granta 2023 столкнулся с неожиданной проблемой: из продажи пропали фары

«But it turned out that the problem was fundamental: the owner was offered to look for the headlight on his own, but it was not possible to find it in Russia in principle. The spare parts sellers, to whom we turned for advice, after checking, said that this is "pure France" and you can only order a headlight in a roundabout way— through Kazakhstan», — writes Dealers expect the headlights to appear only in April.

It would seem that the headlights of the 2023 Lada Granta (with catalog numbers FL 8450108126 and FL 8450108125) should fit from models of earlier years of production (for example, 2022 or 2021), but no: they have different mounts. Dealers are now consulting with AvtoVAZ about replacing headlights (probably with altering the mounts).

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