Samsung has introduced a microSD card with data transfer speeds of up to 800 MB/s. It's faster than any SATA SSD

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The company has also begun production of 1 TB microSD

Samsung Electronics has introduced the industry's first microSD memory card supporting SD Express. The data transfer speed of such a card reaches an impressive 800 MB/s. 

This is more than any SATA SSD can provide and four times faster than UHS-1 cards (up to 200 MB/s). Samsung specifically emphasizes that its cards will have thermal protection using Dynamic Thermal Guard (DTG) technology. Apparently, for now such cards will only be produced in the 256 GB version. 

Samsung представила карту microSD со скоростью передачи данных до 800 МБ/с. Это быстрее любого SSD с SATA

Of course, to take advantage of all the advantages of the new cards, you need devices that support the SD Express interface, and there aren’t many of them on the market.  

Samsung also announced that it has launched mass production of 1 TB microSD (UHS-1) cards based on the latest eighth generation V-NAND flash memory. Such cards will appear on the market in the third quarter, and cards with support for SD Express will be released this year, but Samsung has not yet announced more precise dates.  

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