Nvidia called a cartel that “punishes” customers who turn to other companies

by alex

Several sources report that the company is behaving aggressively and may even miss delivery dates for products that have already been paid for.

Grog, which recently presented a powerful processor for inferring models based on neural networks, accused Nvidia of aggressive behavior towards its own partners if these same partners decided to negotiate with other companies regarding supplies.

“Many people we meet with say that if Nvidia knew about our meeting, they would argue that there was no meeting did not have.
The problem is that you need to pay Nvidia for a year in advance, and at best you will receive your equipment in a year.”
, – Grog CEO Jonathan Ross.

Former Nvidia manager Scott Herkelman calls the company a “cartel” seeking to control “all supplies” of your equipment.

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“This happens more often than you think. Nvidia does this with customers data center managers, OEMs, AIBs, press and resellers. They don't keep records and simply don't ship the item after the customer has paid for it. It's a cartel and it controls all the supplies.”.

Nvidia now controls 80% of AI development worldwide, trying to make the most of its dominant position in the market.

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