The 12VHWPR power connector continues to be dangerous. CableMod is recalling more than 25,000 power adapters and reporting 272 incidents of fire or melting.

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The company also received claims for more than $74,000

The fire hazard of the 12VHWPR connector seems to have led to a unique recall of adapters and power adapters. CableMod has launched a large-scale recall campaign affecting more than 25,300 products. 

The official notice of the recall campaign is posted on the website of the US Consumer Product Safety Commission. CableMod will refund the full price of the product, including shipping costs, or provide a $60 credit toward the purchase of any other product on its website.  

Разъём питания 12VHWPR продолжает оставаться опасным. CableMod отзывает более 25 000 переходников питания и сообщает о 272 случаях возгорания или оплавления

The situation applies to all adapters sold between February and December 2023. The recall includes corner adapters and regular versions, including already improved ones (version 1.1).  

It is important that the review is not based on an isolated case. The company received 272 reports that its adapters overheated, melted, or simply began to stay in the connector worse over time. The company also received property damage claims totaling at least $74,500. Fortunately, no injuries were reported. 

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