Sber's Domklik launched new chats for realtors to communicate with buyers

by alex

All messages will be stored in one place

The Sberbank team announced the launch of a new useful service on the Domklik platform. As noted in the press service, the service now has API chats for communication between a realtor and a buyer. With their help, the buyer will be able to ask a question to the seller in the ad card on the Domklik website, and he will receive a message in the usual CRM system or in the company messenger.

The company explained:

In simple words, API — it is a technology that allows one program to integrate into another. In this case, the «Domklik» chats will interact with each other. and those that partners use for work. 

Main features of the new option:

  • all messages will be stored in one place. Realtors will no longer have to switch between different chats and tabs to respond to a potential buyer. They will all come in one messenger. This will save time and simplify interaction with the client;
  • increasing user coverage. When communicating in a single system, there is less chance of missing a message, which means the realtor will be able to respond to more clients;
  • additional attraction of an audience that prefers to write rather than call.
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