Sales of Lada Vesta 2024 have begun: what's new?

by alex

Prices increased by 4–19 thousand rubles depending on the version

AvtoVAZ began sales of updated models of Lada Vesta family cars for the 2024 model year, which are presented in new trim levels and have become richer equipped, but also more expensive by 4&19 thousand rubles, or 0.25&ndash ;1%.

New configurations are easily recognized by the prefix «'24», indicating the 2024 model year. Now not only the previous versions of Comfort, Life, Enjoy and Techno are available, but also new ones: Comfort'24, Life'24, Enjoy'24 and Techno'24.

Each new version changes equipment and characteristics. All 2024 Lada Vesta models are equipped with a more environmentally friendly 16-valve 106-horsepower engine that meets the Euro-5 environmental class. In addition, the new trims add new options such as an in-dash shift guide and cruise control with speed limiter.

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The cost of cars has increased: Lada Vesta sedans and station wagons have become more expensive by 4–12 thousand rubles, and Vesta SW cross-sedans and cross-wagons have become more expensive by 12–19 thousand rubles, depending on the configuration .

Model Prices for 2024 Prices for 2023 Difference
LADA Vesta 1,513,900–1,810,900 rub. 1,239,900–1,798,900 rub. +4–12 thousand rub.
LADA Vesta Cross 1,745,900–1,932,900 rub. 1,733,900–1,913,900 rub. +12–19 thousand rubles
LADA Vesta SW 1,643,900–1,940,900 rub. 1,329,900–1,928,900 rub. +4–12 thousand rub.
LADA Vesta SW Cross 1,865,900–2,052,900 rub. 1,511,900–2,033,900 rub. +12–19 thousand rubles

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