Russia may introduce a tax on companies that continue to use foreign software

by alex

This will allow it to be “equalized” with the Russian one

The Ministry of Digital Development is discussing the introduction of a fee from Russian companies that continue to use foreign software.

Minister of Digital Development Maksut Shadayev said that these measures should allow «equalize» foreign software with Russian. He added that domestic companies have been taught to install foreign software and updates for it even under restrictions.

«First: we believe that it is necessary to create additional economic incentives for businesses to switch to Russian solutions and this should be associated with certain tax incentives. And second, after all, if you use foreign software, we are in any case discussing the issue of introducing a certain fee, a fee for using foreign software», — said the minister.

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He emphasized that even if it is not profitable for a business to invest in Russian software, it can still benefit from a reduction in the tax burden.

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