Premium elevators in the style of Putin’s car will be released in Russia: Aurus Design elevators “have no analogues in our country”

by alex

Design from the creators of the Aurus car interior

As part of the XXVII St. Petersburg International Economic Forum, the Meteor Lift company (formerly Otis) signed with  Federal State Unitary Enterprise «NAMI» agreement to obtain rights to use the Aurus Design trademark. The parties intend to develop a new line of premium design elevator cabins Meteor Lift, which will be called Aurus Design and will be used exclusively for premium and luxury construction projects.

As noted by the company, Aurus Design elevator cabins will use special approaches to design and functionality, which will give the cabins an exclusive look and emphasize the high standards of the Russian luxury brand Aurus. Stylistic solutions will be developed by US, a team of designers responsible for the interior of Aurus cars.

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General Director of the State Scientific Center of the Russian Federation Federal State Unitary Enterprise «NAMI» Fedor Nazarov noted:

Elevator in the style concept of Aurus Design – a unique project for the Russian elevator industry. To implement this ambitious idea, we chose to cooperate with Meteor Lift, since the company has a high level of competence in the production of elevator equipment. Together we will create a product that has no analogues in our country, which will become a benchmark for mechanical engineering as a whole. 

In May 2024, Russian President Vladimir Putin moved around Beijing in an Aurus Senat. 

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