Listed are all the AI ​​features that will move from Samsung Galaxy S24 smartphones to the Galaxy S23 line

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Former Samsung flagships will receive key Galaxy AI features

The British division of Samsung has published an interesting infographic: it clearly demonstrates the Galaxy AI functions that are already implemented in the latest Galaxy S24 flagships and which will be transferred to the Galaxy S23 line.

There are four such functions: Circle to Search, Live Translate, Photo Assist and Note Assist. In fact, there are more AI functions in the Galaxy S24, but the four above — key ones, and they will definitely go to the flagships of the previous generation. And quite soon, as the corresponding inscription says.

Перечислены все функции ИИ, которые перейдут из смартфонов Samsung Galaxy S24 в линейку Galaxy S23

Whether these AI functions will appear in older smartphones, for example, in the Galaxy S22, is not yet clear. Samsung previously stated that devices released before 2023 will not receive Galaxy AI technology. But in terms of updates and support for its smartphones, Samsung has previously repeatedly presented surprises, so it is possible that Galaxy AI will appear in one way or another in the Galaxy S22, and perhaps even in the Galaxy S21.

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