Insomniac isn't worried about Wolverine PS5 leaks. No presentation planned yet

by alex

Insomniac Games doesn't seem concerned about the ongoing massive leaks, saying it has no plans to bring Marvel's Wolverine to PS5 right now.

The game was announced almost three years ago, and a significant part of it leaked last December after a large-scale ransom attack on Insomniac Games. Wolverine will be revealed “when the time is right.” In response to a fan's request for news about Wolverine, Insomniac wrote on Network X that it would share it “when the time is right, and the right time is not now.”

Insomniac previously assured fans that the leaks caused by the ransomware attack did not impact Wolverine's development, although they were an “emotional blow” for the studio.

Sony is currently remaining silent about the attack and its consequences. But the company has turned to Internet service providers in an attempt to stop leaks of information about Wolverine. Starting in December, information about Wolverine will appear every month and includes alpha gameplay, character and enemy information, and even a potential release window of 2026.

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Insomniac hasn't said how long fans will have to wait, but it's safe to assume that Wolverine won't be shown at the upcoming PlayStation Showcase.


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