“The long-distance one is driving in an unknown direction,” consumption is 12 l/100 km, but the all-wheel drive is well tuned and the engine is easy to start at -28°. “Behind the Wheel” listed the pros and cons of the Haval Dargo X

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Based on the results of 12.9 thousand km and winter operation

Resource Editor «Behind the Wheel» Kirill Mileshkin decided to test the Haval Dargo X as part of a long test. The car drove 12.9 thousand km and survived the winter — what can we say about her?

Combined cycle consumption was 12 l/100 km. For comparison, the heavy frame pickup Changan Hunter Plus with a 226-horsepower engine and an automatic transmission consumed the same amount. The other side of the coin — Confident engine start in cold weather. «Launch at a temperature of minus 28 °C – like in the summer», — said Kirill Mileshkin.

There are big complaints about the light. The low beam section is small, the quality of lighting quickly drops in slush. «The distant one hits who knows where – didn't like it. The fog lights also seem to be shining. But their work sectors are absolutely invisible from the driver’s seat. Why are they then?», — asks the observer.

A rare International Travelall SUV with history has been put up for sale in Russia: it was used by the US Embassy in the USSR

There is another complaint about the light, but this time it’s about the internal lighting module. The car does not have separate switching on of the ceiling lamps: the passenger will need light — it will blind the driver too.

«Дальний лупит непонятно куда», расход 12 л/100 км, но хорошая настройка полного привода и легкий запуск мотора в -28°. «За рулем» перечислил плюсы и минусы Haval Dargo X

The tester complains that the car did not have a classic “automatic”, like the Tank 300. Gearbox — robotic.

But the all-wheel drive is set up well: the car allows you to move without slipping, and there is no tendency to skid. As a plus, you can write down the rear cross-axle differential lock (only the Dargo X has this): it works until a speed of 38 km/h is reached, and then turns off.

In conclusion, Kirill Mileshkin noted that he generally liked the car. The SUV is not perfect, but «drives quickly, steers adequately, lays smoothly».

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