Sony has made it easier to connect PlayStation VR2 to PC by removing some restrictions

by alex

The PlayStation VR2 device was able to attract attention, but clearly did not become a bestseller. Experiments on connecting to a PC continue, Sony recently helped with this

Sony recently released an update for the PlayStation VR2 virtual reality headset. As it turned out, this firmware simplified the process of connecting the device to a PC.

There is no talk yet about the full use of the PlayStation VR2 on a PC, but Sony is definitely moving in this direction.

iVRy software developer Brad Lynch noted that PS VR no longer requires EDID (Extended Display Identification Data) for use on a PC. Extended display identification data). Previously, enthusiasts had to figure this out.

However, connecting the PlayStation VR2 to a PC still requires a VirtualLink adapter or equivalent (PS VR2 requires USB-C with 12V power and DisplayPort).

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Sony has already announced plans to bring PlayStation VR2 support to PC. Such an update is associated precisely with this initiative. Given current hardware limitations, it is believed that Sony will need to release a special adapter for PC to simplify the process of connecting the PlayStation VR2.

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