“Eye protection 3.0,” Xiaomi praises the Redmi K70 Pro screen with suspiciously high declared brightness

by alex

The presentation is expected on November 29

Lu Weibing, president of Xiaomi Group, president of the international department and general manager of the Redmi brand, announced new details about the screen of the Redmi K70 Pro.

According to him, Xiaomi and Redmi collaborated with reputable ophthalmological hospitals to configure the basic parameters of the screens based on 19 test indicators.

He also made a strong announcement about the new concept of “medical and industrial integration” for scientific eye protection and the introduction of innovative eye protection standards and market entry. As a result, he called the eye protection technology implemented in the Redmi K70 Pro screen “eye protection 3.0”.

«Защита глаз 3.0», — Xiaomi нахваливает экран Redmi K70 Pro с подозрительно высокой заявленной яркостью

Previously, he published an image of the new product and confirmed that the Redmi K70 Pro will be equipped with “a high-end Chinese second-generation 2K screen, which has made a comprehensive breakthrough in various directions.” Peak brightness reached a record 4000 cd/m2 with reduced power consumption. A typical brightness value will be 700 cd/m2. The screen will receive a new “landmark solution for eye protection.” The PWM frequency will be 3840 Hz. There are questions about brightness, since even 3000 cd/m2 in Xiaomi 14 the screen produces in very specific conditions, but in reality it loses to the same iPhone 15 Pro.

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The presentation is expected on November 29.

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