Unique Bugatti Chiron 55 1 of 1 presented

by alex

It was created in honor of a car produced in 1931

Bugatti has unveiled the latest unique Chiron, designed by the in-house team at Sur Mesure and dubbed the 55 One of One. As the name suggests, the newest Sur Mesure Chiron pays homage to the famous Type 55 Super Sport designed by Jean Bugatti.

The special edition Chiron Super Sport has the same black and yellow livery as the first Bugatti Super Sport model created. This is not the first Sur Mesure project to reference previous Bugatti models. The 57 One of One, introduced last year, is reminiscent of the iconic Bugatti Type 57 SC Atlantic. 

The two-tone black and yellow color scheme is painted to match the world's first Bugatti Super Sport, the Type 55, designed by Jean Bugatti in 1931. The Chiron's black centerline is true to the original's appearance.

Tests of the PD-35 aircraft engine will start early next year

Further accents are scattered throughout the 55 Super Sport, highlighting its uniqueness. Number 55 can be found throughout the car — under the rear fender, painted on the fenders and embroidered on the inside of the doors.

Представлен уникальный Bugatti Chiron 55 1 of 1

This car is equipped with a W16 engine with 1600 hp. with a torque of 1600 Nm. Together with an electric motor, it will be able to develop up to 1800 hp

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