Audi R8 – everything. The last car has left the assembly line, there is no replacement in sight

by alex

The model sold poorly due to the high price

After the last TT was released in November 2023, another Audi model is going into retirement. The last R8 rolled off the production line at Audi's Bollinger Hofe plant in Heilbronn, Germany. The latest car is the Vegas Yellow Performance Quattro Edition coupe with carbon fiber exterior package and 20-inch wheels.

Audi has had to expand production of the R8 to cope with an influx of customer orders after the company announced it would cease production of the flagship sports car. The final vehicle was originally expected to be built at the end of 2023, but that only happened this month. Last year, sales rose 49% to 1,591 units. However, the R8 was still selling rather slowly.

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Demand for the R8 has always been low, which is understandable given the car's huge price. Demand peaked in 2008, when Audi delivered 5,016 vehicles to customers.

Upon completion of production of the platform Lamborghini Huracan, the famous naturally aspirated 5.2-liter V10 engine will also go down in history.

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