Andrzej Sapkowski revealed the first details of a new book about The Witcher

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CD Projekt Red is working on games based on the world of Geralt, Netflix is working on the next season, and Andrzej Sapkowski intends to write a new book.

Andrzej Sapkowski revealed the first details of a new book about The Witcher

The writer, in an interview with the German publication Beyond Pixels, answered an important question – will the new Witcher somehow develop the saga?

“No, this is not part of my plans right now. The new book will be independent, but… maybe, who knows.”

Andrzej Sapkowski at first wanted to be mysterious, but then he admitted that the new Witcher would focus on Geralt, and the events would not be related to the series. Don't count on the appearance of a new main character.

“The book will be directly about Geralt, but I won’t say anything more. It […] is beyond the pentalogy.”

Readers can look forward to a new story that is separate from the series started in Blood of Elves.

The first Driver was revealed almost 25 years later. Players found a tutorial and learned that there is content beyond the parking lot challenge

During the interview, the writer was asked what adaptation of his universe he could recommend, but he emphasized that he was not familiar with the games, but he liked the Netflix series.

“I don't know. I personally really like the Netflix series, but yeah, I'm no expert. It's just my opinion.”

Sapkowski also praised the work of Henry Cavill, whose voice, in his opinion, suited Geralt perfectly:

“I repeat, [in my books] there are only letters. But then I also watched the series on Netflix and I would say that Cavill’s voice suits me.”

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