Chery Tiggo 7 Pro Max is the most popular Chery car in Russia; demand for it has soared almost 4 times. But Chery itself is losing ground

by alex

This year Chery has already lost 2% of its market share

Analysts «Avtostat» published data on sales of Chery cars in Russia in February of this year. Over the past month, 9,933 cars of the Chinese brand were sold, and this is an increase of 45.4% compared to February 2023. Based on sales results for two months of this year, sales of Chery cars increased by 51.7%, but other brands performed better, so despite the increase in sales, Chery is losing market share: it was 12.2%, now it is 10.2%.

The most popular Chery car in Russia in February of this year was the Tiggo 7 PRO Max: 3,763 units were sold — an increase of 3.9 times compared to February 2023. Chery Tiggo 4 Pro, which was in the lead for several months last year, is now in second position (2,767 cars, sales growth 3.3 times in annual terms). The flagship Chery Tiggo 8 Pro Max took third place, chosen by 1,129 buyers.

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Chery plans for this year to introduce the updated Tiggo 7 to the Russian market and introduce the flagship Tiggo 9 (although its clone called Jaecoo J8 has already reached Russia).

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