There are 32 GB HBM2e, 8 GB SDRAM, FPGA, two Arm processors and almost 11,000 DSP slices. AMD Alveo V80 accelerator introduced for $9,495

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This is a non-consumer solution

AMD announced the start of mass production of its rather unusual product called Alveo V80. 

Alveo V80 — This is the so-called computing accelerator. In this case, targeting high-performance computing for memory-intensive workloads. The accelerator is designed to serve mid-range workloads that are highly memory-intensive. 

The heart of the new product is the FPGA. More precisely, we are talking about SoC Versal XCV80 HBM with 10,848 sections  DSP (DSP slice) — special hardware multiplication-sum accelerators. The solution also has 32 GB of HBM2e memory with a bandwidth of 820 GB/s. But the card allows you to install additional memory. For this purpose, there is a DDR4 slot where you can install up to 32 GB of memory. 

Тут 32 ГБ HBM2e, 8 ГБ SDRAM, FPGA, два процессора Arm и почти 11 000 срезов DSP. Представлен ускоритель AMD Alveo V80 за 9495 долларов

Alveo V80 has multiple network interfaces with four QSFP56 optical ports, each providing two 100G bandwidths.  

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You can also highlight the presence of a separate dual-core processor with Cortex-A72 cores, a dual-core chip with Cortex-R5F cores and 8 GB of SDRAM memory for their needs.  

For the new product AMD is asking $9495.  

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