ChatGPT can now be controlled by voice (all and in Ukrainian). OpenAI joked about the chaos in the company during the demonstration

by alex

The ChatGPT voice feature has been made available to all users for free, OpenAI announced in an X post. Mobile app users can tap on the headphone icon and use their voice to talk to ChatGPT, receiving an audio response.

OpenAI first introduced the ability to prompt ChatGPT with voice and images in September, but at the time the feature was only available to paid users.

The release comes as OpenAI employees fight to bring back CEO Sam Altman. The demo included in OpenAI's post on X even jokes about the drama that has unfolded at the company in recent days.


DevOps Platipus Ltd., Kiev

Senior Web Fullstack Developer Moravio, Remote

QA Trainee BIMP, Kiev

The team had had a long night and we were hungry. How many 16-inch pizzas should I order for 778 people?

OpenAI has about that many employees, most of whom have recently threatened to quit. If anyone is interested, the answer is 125 pizzas if everyone eats 3 pieces.

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ChatGPT in the application understands Ukrainian well and responds with a slight American accent. However, sometimes he forgets and switches to English.

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