Catch the last carriage. Dealers are running out of cheap 2023 cars

by alex

They give a discount of up to 1 million rubles

«Autostat» During a survey of dealers, I found out that cars of the 2023 model year began to run out in Russia. These are the cars that are now being sold at big discounts (for example, the Moskvich 3 has fallen in price by 700 thousand rubles), and when the 2023 cars are purchased, there won’t be any big discounts.

This is confirmed by the director for development of the network of dealer centers «Pragmatika» Alexander Shaprinsky. According to him, now the profit on the 2023 cars is greater than on the 2024 model range. On average, the discount is 150–200 thousand rubles, but the maximum discount (including credit and trade-in) can reach up to 1 million rubles.

«Car stocks are now declining. If all dealers entered this year with a two-month stock, then in March they already had 1.5 months. Warehouse volumes are being reduced, including due to the Chinese New Year, when the production and supply of cars in China was suspended», — said Deputy General Director of AG «Avilon» for sales of new cars Renat Tyukteev.

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