At Rostelecom Tech Day they will present the domestic OS Aurora 5.0

by alex

The conference will be held on December 8

The press service of Rostelecom reported that at the Rostelecom Tech Day conference the fifth version of the domestic operating system Aurora will be presented to the public for the first time.

На Rostelecom Tech Day представят отечественную ОС «Аврора» 5.0

The conference will be held on December 8, 2023 at the Digital Business Space site in Moscow. During the event, the company will present new IT platforms and IT solutions for business. Rostelecom experts will talk in detail about the opportunities that modern domestic technologies open up in all spheres of the economy. Also, guests of the event will be the first to hear several expected and unexpected announcements of new IT products.

Aurora is a Russian mobile operating system that allows you to create and use trusted solutions, information security and communications technologies for mobile workplaces in companies and government agencies. Data from the Aurora OS is not collected or transferred to third-party servers.

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In early November, the features of the Aurora 5.0 interface were presented to experts at the Mobius Autumn 2023 professional conference for mobile developers in St. Petersburg.

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