Residents of Innopolis may be the first to be allowed to use drones within the city

by alex

The experiment starts next year

Director of the Digital Economy Department of the Ministry of Economic Development Vladimir Voloshin, speaking at the international forum «Digital Transportation», said that in the special economic zone «Innopolis» In Tatarstan, for the first time, it is planned to allow the operation of drones within city boundaries. Unmanned aerial vehicles will be able to move around the city under an experimental legal regime (EPR), the project could start as early as 2024.

It is planned that the operation — at the beginning of 2024. This is the first EPR program on urban air mobility. Now all types of drones will be used in Innopolis: ground delivery drivers, autonomous robotaxis and now — air delivery by drones.

Vladimir Voloshin

The use of drones is already in demand in many sectors of the economy: aerial logistics, agriculture, monitoring and extinguishing fires, aerial photography, etc. Innopolis plans to create a mechanism for urban air mobility that can be used in any& ;nbsp;in a populated area in Russia.

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Russia currently has 6 EPRs for unmanned aerial vehicles installed in 21 regions of the country. 56 different companies use the EPR mechanism to test unmanned technologies, and the experience gained in the future will be the basis for improving general regulation, as Voloshin noted.

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