AvtoVAZ has started assembling completely new versions of Lada Vesta

by alex

Sedans and station wagons with a 1.8 liter 122 hp engine and a 6-speed manual transmission

122-horsepower 1.8Evo engine and Chinese automatic transmission will not be the only new power units in the LADA Vesta line, as reported by Avtograd News on the social network «VKontakte».

In the foreseeable future, it will also have a six-speed manual transmission. — four project cars with it have already rolled off the production line.

Good news from VAZ. Last week, 4 "design" VESTA car in the body "Sedan" and "Universal", equipped with a 1.8 liter 122 hp engine and a 6-speed manual transmission produced by an eastern partner from a friendly state.

Avtograd News

«With the CVT, production is already proceeding at a slow pace, in the near future the six-speed manual will arrive in time on the conveyor», — write in Avtograd News.

Hundreds of Mercedes-Benz cars have accumulated at the former Mercedes plant in the Moscow region, but they will probably never leave the territory of the enterprise

Previously it became known that the territory of AvtoVAZ is filled with Lada Vesta, but now these are fully equipped cars — there is no room for them in the salons.

The administrator of the Avtograd News public lives in Tolyatti and works at AvtoVAZ. He leaked a lot of accurate information, including photos of the new Lada Vesta NG and information about the incomplete Lada Granta.

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