PlayStation 5 completely destroyed the Xbox Series. This year, Sony consoles sold three times more than Microsoft consoles

by alex

Sony sales growth amounted to 67%

Yesterday, Sony boasted that the PlayStation 5 has already sold more than 50 million units, with the last 10 million sold in about four months. It has now become known that this year PS5 sales were many times higher than those of the Xbox Series. 

In 2023, Sony sold 22.5 million PS5 consoles, that is, almost half of the total. In addition, this is 65% more than in 2022. 

Xbox Series sales, on the contrary, decreased by 15%, to 7.6 million. That is, PS5 sales were three times higher than Xbox Series sales.  

Nintendo Switch sales totaled 16.4 million units, which is great for a console that came out nearly seven years ago. True, this is still 18% less than a year ago.  

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