A truly unique smartphone design. Nubia Z60 Ultra turned out to be extremely unusual

by alex

This will be a full-fledged flagship

The Nubia brand cannot boast of a large assortment of smartphones or good sales, but what cannot be taken away from Nubia devices is the design. Recently, everyone was surprised by the gaming Red Magic 9 Pro with cameras without any protrusion and a flat, minimalistic design, but now images of the flagship Z60 Ultra, which does not look like Red Magic, but at the same time looks no less unusual, if not more, have appeared on the Internet. ;nbsp;

По-настоящему уникальный дизайн смартфона. Nubia Z60 Ultra получился крайне необычным

As you can see, the device does not have any separate block of cameras, while three cameras are placed in an unusual way and each is designed in its own way. 

Thanks to this design, the Z60 Ultra does not look like any other smartphone at all, and not even close. Plus, it has the most angular shapes and a screen without any cutouts, since the front camera is sub-screen. 

Nubia Z60 Ultra will refute the thesis about the uselessness of ultra-wide-angle cameras in smartphones

The new Nubia should receive SoC Snapdragon 8 Gen 3, a battery with a capacity of 6000 mAh and cameras with a resolution of 50, 50 and 64 megapixels, including a periscope module.  

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