Nvidia is not against getting a third partner for the production of its GPUs, and this is a hint at Intel

by alex

There are simply no other companies with modern technical processes

Nvidia is again talking about the possibility of producing its GPUs at Intel facilities. More precisely, no one has spoken directly about Intel now, but this company is implied.

Nvidia не против заполучить третьего партнёра для производства своих GPU, и это намёк на Intel

Currently, only TSMC produces the company’s modern graphics processors, although Samsung previously also did this. However, the choice of Nvidia (and not only it) usually depends solely on the capabilities of a particular technical process of a particular company. It's just that TSMC has no competitors right now. However, both Samsung and Intel are not standing still. 

When asked about the company's plans, Nvidia's CFO said that the company would not mind getting another partner. 

I think there are a lot of great partners out there. TSMC performed great. As you know, today we also use Samsung services. Would we like a third partner? Of course. We would like a third one. Keep in mind that there are other players who may be coming to the US. TSMC in USA may also be an option for us. Nothing prevents us from potentially adding another plant to the list of partners 

No one spoke directly about Intel, but besides TSMC and Samsung, only Intel has or is developing modern technological processes that could satisfy Nvidia’s requests.  

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