Xiaomi Mijia laser engraving machine presented

by alex

It costs less than $200

The Xiaomi company presented the Xiaomi Mijia laser engraving machine, which will be available on the Youpin platform from December 20 to 27 for pre-order. Its price will be about 195 dollars.

The Mijia laser engraving machine, according to the manufacturer, will allow you to personalize gifts and personal items by applying various images to them. The device uses a Sharp laser source with a wavelength of 450 nm and a power of 3 W, which can engrave on paper, leather, canvas, wood, plastic and other materials.

Mijia laser engraving machine is equipped with double optical lenses and adopts dual focus design. By focusing the laser energy using pinpoint compression technology, the vertical spot is only 0.25mm, allowing you to engrave with the highest precision.

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Представлен лазерный гравировальный станок Xiaomi Mijia

The manufacturer clarifies that the device does not require consumables for engraving. In the application, you can select text, graphics and customize the final image.

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