Final Fantasy creator is finishing work on the plot of his new game

by alex

In a new interview with Famitsu, Final Fantasy creator Hironobu Sakaguchi said that he practically wrote the plot for his upcoming game.

Production of Sakaguchi's mystery game will begin in 2024.

“I'm starting work on a new game. Now I'm writing a script, having gone through the script process. At this stage it is important to condense and infuse the game with what makes it interesting. I'll do my best.”

The Lost Odyssey developer first mentioned the project in an interview in late 2022, saying he plans to work on the game in the dark fantasy genre, and did not reveal other details.

Sakaguchi's next message about this project came only two months ago, when he wrote that he had gone to the Ise Jingu Shrine in Japan to give thanks for the “new project.”

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In addition to creating one of the greatest Final Fantasy franchises of all time, Sakaguchi served as game director for the first five games in the series, and also created the sixth and seventh games based on his original story and concept. He also developed other games for Square Enix, such as Blue Dragon and Terra Battle, and served as executive producer on Kingdom Hearts, Parasite Eve 2 and Chrono Cross.

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