When creating Russian aircraft engines, some of the full-scale tests will be replaced by mathematical modeling

by alex

Special software already approved and in use

At the industrial complex «Salyut» The United Engine Corporation (UEC, part of Rostec) has created software that allows you to reduce the number of full-scale engine tests. Using this software, you can detect and correct self-oscillations of gas turbine engine compressor blades at the design stage. 

In «Salute» They said that thanks to the new software, for the first time in the domestic engine industry, adjustments were made only using mathematical modeling. Typically, this required two or three cycles of full-scale tests. The program has already been tested and is used for engine development. 

We have already written that UEC is actively introducing digital technologies: for example, a digital twin and computer modeling will help reduce the volume of full-scale testing and speed up the certification of aircraft engines. These technologies are used, in particular, for the PD-8, which is being created for the import-substituted passenger airliner SJ-100.

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